Life on two wheels on the mountain roads of Colorado

What we do

As passionate motorcycle riders exploring the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak, we are gathered in this club to join our creative forces and experiences and have a great time riding freely and safely through passes of Colorado.


Motorcycle Roads

Whether it’s paved, unpaved or unimproved road, we are quite familiar with it. Here are detailed descriptions of the most popular roads of Rocky Mountains, as well as maps for many less traveled passes in Colorado.


Motorcycle Events

Here you’ll find a calendar of our monthly meetings, planned parties with other motorcycle clubs and schedule of various events we take part in. It includes numerous rallies, bike shows, poker and charity rides and much more.


Motorcycle Groups

Our club regularly interacts with many motorcycle groups across the country. You can find their details in our group database, as well as the list of events that include meetings and rides with members of these groups.

The Best Guide to Motorcycle Roads


Aside from the detailed description of the routine routes our members often hit, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to motorcycle roads with a description of hundreds different rides and roads. In this guide, you will find detailed maps, descriptions, and directions for each road individually, as well as suggestions for various combinations of roads. Each route is described in textual instructions, photos, lists of points of interest, advice for riding style, estimations of duration and length and suggested landmarks along the way.

What do I need to get started?


A motorcycle in relatively good shape, aggressive tires, medical license and a passion for riding is pretty much all the gear you need to get started. Our club includes working are with mechanics helping our members with their motorcycles or you may maintain it yourself. There’s an annual membership we all pay and a large list of benefits and services it includes. Additional safety equipment and various amount of spare time and good will are required.

The Pikes Peak Region Adventure

Adventurous passes of Pikes Peak are attractive for riding over the whole year, but summer is reserved for popular self-guided Pikes Peak Region Adventure Tour. Dozens of riders take part in this adventure lasting three days. Organizers pick different roads every time, so you get the chance to explore Piked Peak through amazing experiences. All you need is a maintained vehicle with adequate tires, GPS Tracks and various gadgets you’ll get after signing in.

Meet our expert trainers

Motorcycles have been my hobby for almost thirty years, but I have always enjoyed the rides alone or with few friends. Joining this club brought completely new experience into my life. Kind and open people of various age gave me pleasant atmosphere and terrain to share my passion with those who understand it. It became a special time for myself among people with the same interest.

Michael Barrett

I bought a brand new powerful motorcycle recently and was determined to test its limits in some adventurous, exciting ride climbing Pikes Peak. A friend directed me to this club of motorcycle lovers, and after the first weekend had spent riding with these guys, I decided to join and keep coming regularly. The meetings are inspiring and useful; we combine wild rides with relaxed riding down the passes of Rocky Mountains, and I’m getting ready for my first rally.

Tom Meadows

I’m a member of this club for many years, and our activities are integrated into my everyday life. I still enjoy regular meetings, we make a new record every once in a while and explore new passes climbing Pikes Peak every week. I got to know some amazing people in this club, experience some memorable rides and take part in many rallies and charity rides.

Gerald Kirby


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