Life on two wheels on the mountain roads of Colorado

About Us

The beautiful passes of the Rocky Mountains, including Pikes Peak region are tailored for our passion towards motorcycles and exploring nature while riding. The idea to gather lovers of motorcycles and nature at one place emerged a few decades ago, and it still lasts mostly thanks to several determined, dedicated and creative volunteers.

What started as a workshop of two men maintaining various vehicles but mostly motorcycles eventually has grown into a place where motorcycles lovers of all generations gather to have a drink together, talk, share experiences, improve their motorcycles and finally ride together down various tours and roads.

Our club includes working area with all the necessary tools for motorcycle maintaining and the entertaining rooms where members gather two times a week traditionally. We hit regular rides down Pikes Peak on weekends exploring different roads each time, and you will find us in every bigger rally with other national clubs. Our club involves old-school riders racing vintage, youngsters with powerful vehicles, professional riders and those who occasionally ride for fun. We sing in into many motorcycles events, organize some of them ourselves, share useful information and above all have a great time in every meeting.