Several years ago, the first official all – asphalt Pikes Peak International Hill Climb took place. Until then, this dirt road included pavement sections, gravel sections, occasional asphalt parts going back to pavement. As the 100th anniversary of this legendary rally was coming closer, the State invested into infrastructure and the famous road is fully surfaced nowadays. Ever since the number of rookie motorcycle riders in our club has increased significantly. Most of our members are proud owners of powerful BMW, Honda or Harley-Davidson machines. However, in spite of the significantly improved quality of the most popular road leading up to Pikes Peak and steady, strong vehicles, riders hitting Pikes Peak passes should be aware of many other tricky features they might face down these roads.

Be prepared for temperature shocks

motorcycle gearIt is quite possible that you will experience all seasons during a single ride. What seemed as spring or summer at the starting line will turn into cold winter as you approach the ending line. The upper areas are often cover with snow, so make sure you are fully equipped for these fluctuations. It includes all from rider’s clothes to motorcycle gear. Keep in mind that the fundamental thing for the steady ride is aggressive and high-quality tires. Tires and motors suffer temperature changes, as well as the effect of the thinning air. These are the aspects you should have in mind when maintaining your vehicle and preparing for the trip.

Troubling aspect of adrenaline rides

adrenaline rideThere’s no doubt that Pikes Peak is a breathtaking road, mostly due to amazing nature, but also due to challenging terrain pumping your blood and testing your driving skills. It’s memorable experience for every motorcycle driver, especially if you’re experiencing it for the first time. However, be aware of the high-altitude sickness. If planning to reach the highest points of the summit, you will have to climb impressive altitude. Many riders fail to cope with this physically and end up feeling dizzy, weak, having blurred vision, nausea, vomiting and various other symptoms. To prevent them, stay away from heavy food and drinks, keep your body well hydrated and take some medications preventing nausea and vomiting.

Careful with bold approaches

Though Pikes Peak isn’t infamous for taking riders’ lives, the roads are unpredictable, dangerous and may easily trick you to feel safer than you should. Also, Colorado laws don’t impose helmets, but the policy of our club is to recommend full additional and safety equipment strongly. Many sections of the road are not secured by guardrails. Stick to the markers, don’t rush into bold moves and strategies. You will experience a desired dose of adrenaline even without unnecessary risking of life or injuries.