Obviously, when you want to excel in any sport you need to put effort in building your skills. You may want to consider training in your backyard. After all, your passion for the sport is measured by your willingness to go beyond. This apparently is still true even for motocross. If you’re a huge fan of endurocross who would like to hone your skills in your backyard here are two things you may want to take in consideration before you start building your own track.


Before you’re ready to build your own endurocross track, you may want to make sure the extra noise is going to be okay with your neighbors. Nobody wants to have a feud with their neighbors. It’s no question that not all people enjoy the sound of bike screams on a Sunday morning. Most neighbors would like some peace, and quiet in their neighborhood. My advice is to get an agreement with your neighbor first before you take any construction action.


Where to buy or find obstacles? Ask around! This is the best way to find things to build your track with. Drive around and look for people with a lot of stuff in their yards. Go and knock on the door and ask if you can buy some of it. Most times they will just give it to you for free. Concrete sewer pipes, old tracker tires, logs, stumps, car parts, all of these things make great obstacles. A good place that helped me with some obscure items was https://www.wolfautoparts.com. They are a car part salvage yard and they were able to send me some great items! I just paid the price for a pallet plus shipping and they loaded it up with old damaged hoods, trunk lids, nice aluminum bumper beams, etc. It worked out great.


Another consideration is space. I find you need at least 2 acres to make a good track that you will not get bored in a couple of min.


This is quite important when building your own endurocross track. Water will seek the lowest point of your field and take the path that has the least of resistance. This will cause erosion ruts, most specially on hilly terrains. You may also want to learn a thing or two about erosion control. Learn the characteristics of water so you can figure out how to get rid of water from your field. Lack of knowledge in these aspects will definitely ruin your track when it rains. You may want to consider putting drainage pips in some sections. Just keep in mind that buried pipes need a good amount of soil in order to not disturb your training.


Although this depends on the size of your track, you may want to rent a mini excavator. But for safety purposes, it is safe to have a mini excavator to familiarize your self with the machinery. You may also want to go over safety procedures in case you don’t know how to man a mini-excavator.


Here are some links to find some ideas on what to do with your own endurocross tack.